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7 Creative ideas for kids & Parents to enjoy during lockdown!

7 creative ideas for the kids to make at home from things you should have around the house!

Button Flower Cards

Buttons are great for fine motor practice! So make some pretty button flower cards for Grandma, Nanna or Mummy they will love them.

Egg Painting

Be creative and try painting some eggs you could paint your favorite movie character, cartoon character or Animal.

Potato Printing

Most of us have got an old potato lying at the bottom of the cupboard.

Hopefully it will still be in a fit enough state to carve a shape from to use as a paint stamp. Make some patterns and you could end up with a piece of art to treasure.

Sock Puppets

You may already have a puppet show or some puppets you could use inside a cardboard box. If not, then get an old sock and make your own. Whether you have some stick-on googly eyes or just some scraps of paper, you can make your own character that your child will love.

Pebble Art

You can have lots of family fun decorating pebbles! Something as simple as felt tips does the trick on lighter rocks, with children decorating them however they want - some making funny faces out of them.

If you want them to last longer outside then you'd be better using acrylic paint coated with varnish to give an extra layer of protection.

Milk Bottle Elephants

It's so easy to make these elephants out of plastic milk bottles and they look so good.

Just cut the bottom off the bottle and cut arches into the back and sides to make the legs, then chop the handle so it looks like a trunk.

Cover them with glue and then stick on the crepe paper and googly eyes. You'll soon have a full family of Elmer the Patchwork Elephants to enjoy.

Bug Hotel

If you like being in the garden, love nature and have an interest in bugs and insects the try making your very own bugs hotel for the garden!

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