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People with cognitive loss can find great comfort in something to play with and fiddle cushions, fiddle aprons and fiddle blankets for people who suffer with dementia are one of the most popular solutions. Fiddle cushions and other sensory products may help alleviate stress and restlessness in people who suffer with Dementia/Alzheimer's disease and can also help others who may suffer with different conditions, disease or disability. 

Studies have shown that while restless hands may seem like a harmless symptom, they may be linked to other more serious symptoms such as wandering or dermatillomania (skin-Picking).

I lost my Grandma to Alzheimer's and it was horrible. But seeing her and how she behaved inspired me to start designing and making these products in the hope that it may help others too. She was always fiddling with things and it seemed to bring her so much comfort and relaxed her an awful lot. 

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